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The Position of Boundaries

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  • 20-09-2019
The Position of Boundaries

Documentary Evidence for the Position of Boundaries

The conveyance plan or the transfer plan uses 'T-marks' to show the ownership. Alternatively, the deed wording can state who the owner is. When you cannot determine the owner, you can use physical evidence to establish the position of the boundary.

Careful research may produce evidence of more historical documents that may or may not have been formally registered with the Land Registry, or may have been passed to the current property occupants by previous owners when the property changed hands.

Can A Surveyor Determine A Boundary?

timber fencing as boundary wall
timber fencing between two properties

Physical Evidence for the Position of the Boundary

Determining the position of the boundary is not an easy task.  Our Chartered Surveyor offers solutions to help you locate the boundary to your property. 

If you are in a dispute over your property boundaries or would like to find out more about mediation, get in touch today.

For boundary disputes, expert witness services you should consult an RICS Chartered Surveyor.