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Selling a Property with Boundary Dispute

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  • 20-03-2019
Selling a Property with Boundary Dispute

If you are amidst an ongoing boundary dispute with your neighbour, it can eventually worsen to the point where you'd rather move away. However, the looming question is whether or not the seller will be able to sell a property that has a dispute over its boundary.

The short answer is that it depends on the purchasing method of the buyer; they will not be able to secure a mortgage when there is a dispute over the boundary. However, this restriction is removed if you are acquiring the property with cash.

Ongoing and historic boundary disputes

Historic boundary disputes may date back as far as twelve years, or even longer. If you have bought or sold a home that has a dispute over its boundary lines, the dispute remains in effect even though a different buyer now owns the property. Another important fact to remember is that disputes over boundaries must be declared when selling a property.

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What causes boundary disputes?

Most boundary disputes start with disagreements over fences and other boundary markings, or perhaps a right-of-way. There often arise disagreements over the disputed erection of a fence or wall between properties. Parking, as well as other disputes, may arise. 

A dispute with a neighbour can lead to bitter relationships for all parties concerned, and this could go on for many years to come. Such disputes can often lead to unnecessary stress and cost; they can even cause violence among neighbours. 

Legal litigation is an expensive, drawn-out and stressful solution; Prentice Resolution Services strongly recommends alternative mediation methods to resolving boundary disputes.

Resolving Boundary Disputes

Prentice Resolution Services are expert surveyors with an extensive experience in resolving boundary disputes. We not only accurately pinpoint the boundary line after meticulous surveys, we also encourage neighbouring parties to calmly communicate to reach a solution and agreement without the need of legal litigation. Call us on 01732 355 639 to discuss your circumstances further. 

Get in touch with our RICS chartered surveyor today to discuss a boundary dispute with your neighbour.