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RICS Expert Witness Tonbridge

There are a number of instances where an individual or a business may require an expert witness for property disputes. If you need RICS surveys to use for evidence during a legal action, our expert works throughout Kent and the south-east to provide expert witness reports.

RICS expert witnesses are key to offering professional advice on building surveying, valuations and boundary disputes.

Due to the number of processes involved before a transfer of a specific property, these exchanges often involve complex court processes. This often results in disputes and relating issues for commercial and residential property throughout Kent.

When do I need expert witnesses surveyors?

We can offer expert advice in cases that involve any of the following subjects:

  • Property Valuation
  • Construction
  • Dilapidations
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Building Surveying
  • Commercial Property
  • Negligence
  • Property Management

If a building or boundary becomes disputed, a property expert witness plays a role in giving an opinion that's based on knowledge, expertise, and experience. A professional surveyor can become a joint expert offering evidence or valuations to help resolve the matter.

Over many years of experience, Edward Prentice Ltd has shown sufficient capacity in offering RICS property expert witness reports.

Our charted surveyor services are trusted to provide evidence that's independent, impartial and unbiased to the court. This service provides a report that can be used by a landlord or insurance company during the management of a residential property.

RICS Expert Witness surveys

Our RICS expert can provide advice on a range of claims and disputes around a property. Our expert witnesses can offer advice on boundary disputes and property valuation.

RICS Expert Witness Surveys

Property disputes can be matrimonial, commercial or between tenants and landlords. These include commercial property valuation, commercial property disputes, and professional negligence claims.

As an expert witness, Edward Prentice Ltd has presented professional evidence in courts in cases relating to situations where he had given reports. He has also successively represented defendants, applicants, objectors, and claimants.

Provision of Preliminary Consultancy Advice

Our property expert can help provide professional consultation advice throughout the Kent and London area. This is offered to the client and any other party related to the case. This includes the provision of a non-CPR compliant letter of advice and recommendation, which is vital in guiding the client on the direction to take.

  • Fellow, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • RICS Registered Valuer
  • Member of RICS Expert Witness Registration Scheme (EWRS No: 112)
  • RICS Accredited Expert Witness
  • Member, Academy of Experts – Providers of Expert Services
  • Associate, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • Checked and approved by the Law Society as an Expert Witness

RICS Academy of Experts, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, RICS Registered Valuer

Prentice Resolution Services has also received certification having undergone further training on legal processes following the changes in the Code of Guidance for Experts under the Civil Procedure.

Single Joint Expert (SJE)

A Single Joint Expert (SJE) is a professional assigned with creating a report to be addressed to the court. The evidence is offered on behalf of two or more of the parties, including the claimant.

In cases where the parties fail to agree on the evidence, the court will appoint an expert witness or for complex cases. Additional experts will be required to verify the evidence in such disputes.


Once we have discussed your requirements and agreed to work with a client as an expert witness, we will agree to a method of calculating fees. The cost of our services is usually related to the time required to fulfil the activities necessary to complete an inspection.

Fees will generally be charged at a cost per hour basis as it is never possible to assess the time required to fulfil any particular report.

Following the expert witness report, any time spent attending court will be included within the fee calculation. Any further appearances in court will also be billed at the agreed rate.

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