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Commercial Property Purchases

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Commercial Property Purchases

How does a chartered surveyor help with commercial property purchases?

Commercial property surveyors are comprehensive and concentrate on several tasks like prioritising the needs of a client besides monetary valuation.

Therefore, anyone involved in commercial property from buyers to sellers, landlords, and tenants, it is important to understand the role played by commercial property surveyors.

What Does A Chartered Surveyor Do?

The primary role of chartered surveyors is to help homebuyers in survey or valuation before buying a home. But they can also help commercial property buyers purchase a new office or get a new business premise with ease.

With vast experience on how buying and selling of properties, chartered surveyors play a vital role if you are planning to buy an office or business space. Besides easing the process, you will also save a considerable amount of money in the long run. Here are the main reasons why you should have commercial property survey:


Commercial properties are built using different materials compared to residential buildings. So a commercial property survey can help you understand the materials used, the value of the property and whiter it is a good investment.

Costs and durability

For instance, even though a commercial property may seem like a typical brick construction, the building might have a complex steel or timber frame which affects the overall costs and durability. With a commercial property survey, you will understand even the related maintenance or repair costs depending on the materials used.

Minimising costs 

A good business aims at minimising costs and maximising revenue. Therefore, looking for a business premise that will achieve the two not only makes your business viable but also grow exponentially.


With a commercial property survey, you will forecast the maintenance needed to avoid unexpected costs and inconsistencies while running your business.


To increase Planning Property Maintenance, a commercial survey will help you understand the expected future issues and the current defects of the property.

If you are considering leasing commercial property, if you rely on commercial property survey, you can limit your repair liabilities.

This can be made possible by creating an accurate record showing the condition of the property before you lease. As a result, you will not be obliged to return the property at a higher standard than when you moved in.

At the end of your lease, a competent professional can create a reliable, neutral point negotiation to avoid a dispute. Normally, a review of the repairs made and a guide to dilapidations settlement is scheduled to guide the whole process.

Companies have a greater legislative responsibility when compared to a single person. For a new property, a company has to include new fire precautions, escape routes, health, and safety risks.

Therefore, if you own a new commercial property, the safety of your staff and third parties is a source of liability, and then the only way to limit the potential loss /liability is to hire a chartered surveyor.

For any commercial property buyer, hiring a chartered surveyor is a necessity because the liabilities can have a significant effect on the business. Therefore, hiring a chartered surveyor can determine the success and failure of a business.

Do you have questions about a property that you wish to buy or sell? Would you benefit from the advice of a qualified RICS surveyor? Follow the link below to find out more.