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Commercial Property Surveyor

Our principal surveyor offer a vast experience when it comes to commercial property surveying and valuation. He is an expert in various aspects of practical industry, commercial, agricultural, real estate consultancy and valuation. As a fully-qualified General Practice Chartered Surveyor, he specialises in handling unusual property situations.

If you are planning to invest in property but you don't know whether to choose commercial or residential investments, here are the key points to help you in decision making. 

The list includes both specific and general factors to consider. 

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  • Where do you live and where do you want to invest? It is important to consider property prices and region outlook before making an investment decision by doing a research. 
  • Do you want a property that is near your area? 
  • Will property investing yield greater returns? It is important to decide whether you want to be a ‘hand on investor' or not. 
  • Would you prefer to invest in a property that you can easily visit and closely manage? You may also be looking for the arms-length investment that is handled by an estate agent. 

Landlord & Tenants Services

Being a landlord is a very different dynamic to being a homeowner; we understand this. We also understand the minefield of legislation and regulations you must abide by. 

As a landlord, you must ensure your rental properties are in good condition, are safe for tenants and are a sound investment. Obtaining a property survey before you invest will highlight any potential problems before you buy, and ensure your letting strategy can proceed successfully. 

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, in the case of disputes that have been referred to an independent expert or arbitrator, we can prepare expert witness reports. Moreover, we help you to mitigate your exposure to costs. 

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Planning Services

From initial advice on strategy to streamlined delivery, we aim to minimise cost and maximise value throughout the project. We manage and plan the process to meet all our client's needs and add value to their planning and development process.

Location influences the investment potential of the residential property. The influence will be characterised by economic growth, supply and demand.

Residential property investment is often termed as the buy-to-let investment. If you are already a homeowner, a residential option may look familiar to you. Finding the ideal property that will offer  returns on investments after all renovation costs are taken into account is one of the largest obstacles faced by many landlords.

Valuation Services

Valuations are always undertaken in accordance with the current edition of the ’RICS Valuation Global Standards. Dubbed as "The Red Book", it has been approved and drawn up in conjunction with other qualified professional organisations and is fully compliant with the International Valuation Standards.