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Boundary Dispute Resolution

Boundary issues among neighbours is a fact of life in England since there are no defined cadastral boundaries. However, you need to live with your neighbours so it is important to seek practical boundary advice if you face a dispute. 

Documents in the Land Registry are covered by general boundary rules and are based on Ordnance Survey plans. Therefore, these documents do not define the legal boundaries. The body for the conveyances, pre-registration and transfers of the title should be listed in the lands register.

In many situations, when one has perceived an issue pertaining to the boundary with the neighbour, they go see a consultant who will look at the land registry deed then contacts the neighbour. 

They will then receive a response from the neighbour or their consultant. After a while, large fees will have built up whereas there is no real progress made in trying to resolve the underlying issue in a practical way. This will lead to stress for the parties involved. 

boundary fence panel between two properties

As there is no designated regulatory authority, it can be frustrating to know what steps to take towards resolving a boundary dispute. In this case, you might want to consult the expertise of an experienced charted surveyor.

Choosing a Chartered Surveyor 

The members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors are allowed to offer services in the fields they believe to be competent. Though they may use up to twenty different designations ranging from Arts & Antique Surveyors to Valuations Surveyors, there is no title as a Boundary Surveyor, 

For boundary resolution, you will need to find a chartered surveyor who is a specialist in boundary demarcation and disputes. When approached by the owners of the properties, we try our best to approach the matter in a practical way. Getting a boundary agreement is a final object which can then be registered and all parties will be content with.