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Boundary Disputes In Ashford

One of the common disputes between neighbours in Ashford is caused by disagreements on a boundary line. 

If you are concerned about a boundary dispute over your land boundary, you can seek resolution from an RICS surveyor who can help mediate the process.

We offer boundary dispute resolution throughout Ashford and Kent including the following areas.

  • Aldington
  • Appledore
  • Bethersden
  • Biddenden
  • Bilsington
  • Bilting
  • Bonnington
  • Boughton Aluph
  • Boughton Lees
  • Brabourne
  • Brabourne Lees
  • Bromley Green

Is your neighbour encroaching onto your land?

Do you believe that your property boundary should be further out?

Is next door planning an extension that you think will cross the property boundary?

  • Brook
  • Challock
  • Charing
  • Cheeseman's Green
  • Chilham
  • Chilmington Green
  • Crundale
  • Eastwell
  • Ebony
  • Egerton
  • Godinton
  • Godmersham

Before you seek the advice of a solicitor, you may be able to save money by speaking to a trained property surveyor. 

Litigation over boundary disputes can be costly so avoiding going to court will benefit both parties. Our RICS surveyor can provide practical advice to help you reach a solution that suits both sides of the dispute.

  • Great Chart
  • Hamstreet
  • Hastingleigh
  • High Halden
  • Hinxhill
  • Hothfield
  • Kenardington
  • Kennington
  • Kingsnorth
  • Leigh Green
  • Little Chart
  • Mersham

If you need help to resolve a dispute before it becomes an expensive legal matter, get in contact today. 

Why Choose Dispute Mediation?

Our dispute resolution expert is able to provide evidence through a property survey and extensive research to find the best evidence of a property boundary.

Mediation offers parties in conflict a chance to come to an agreement outside of the courts.

  • Sevington
  • Shadoxhurst
  • Shirkoak
  • Singleton
  • Small Hythe
  • Smarden
  • Smeeth
  • Stanhope
  • Stonebridge Green
  • Stone in Oxney
  • Stubbs Cross
  • Snave

Seeking help from an experienced mediator such as an RICS surveyor can save you money and time. Court fees and seeking legal advice from solicitors can make a simple dispute into an expensive process.

On many occasions, the cost of the dispute can be more than the value of the land that is being disputed.

  • Tenterden
  • Warehorne
  • West Brabourne
  • Westwell
  • Westwell Leacon
  • Wittersham
  • Woodchurch
  • Wye
  • Willesborough

Our Advice for boundary disputes

If you live in the Ashford area and are getting frustrated with a boundary dispute, your first move should be to discuss your concerns with your neighbour. 

Once either side begins legal inquiries, tensions will rise.

Whether you are planning an extension or you want to avoid building work of a neighbour encroaching onto your land, it is best to seek advice.

  • Molash
  • Newenden
  • Newtown
  • Olantigh
  • Pluckley
  • Park Farm
  • Pluckley Thorne
  • Reading Street
  • Rolvenden
  • Rolvenden Layne
  • Ruckinge
  • St Michaels

Consult our property surveyor who will be able to get access to an official copy of the Land Registry title deed. From this information, a survey may be required to match the property to the deeds.

Once both parties are aware of who is responsible for each part of the boundary, it can be easy to reach an agreement. As long as both sides uphold their side of the agreement, there should be no need for legislation.

Do you require boundary resolution services in Ashford and the surrounding areas? Call Prentice Resolution Services today on 01732 313 053 to discuss how we can help you resolve the issue.

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